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Or I guess you could petition the moderators to put warning signs on the profiles of all the "good looking" people........

I got some emails but nothing to really talk about.

One liners, and or follow ups that were from ladies that couldn’t follow what they were even talking about plus they couldn’t read what I had in my profile.

But I also believe a large majority of the not so good looking guys are only here to get laid, too.

What you look for is always going to be in the minority, but it's still there, and you shouldn't let generalisations of any sort colour your judgement on any one individual, I was told once that I am a good looking ugly, I like that.

Here allow me: Why do the men I consider good looking take advantage of me and have many women in their lives at once? I feel kinda like I was lied to while he was lying to all the others. Honestly, there are obviously people who have more immediate success than others in attracting "prospects," but that's true anywhere.

What do you suppose I am doing wrong, and more importantly, how can I avoid this in the future? It's called playing the field untill they feel they have found the right person. Why should POF be any different in that respect than your average bar or night club.

Hmmmm, maybe I'm just a cup half full kinna girl.... Call me crazy OP, but um..isn't the very notion of "good looking" kinda well...subjective as all hell?

But, I think this jaded sort of attitude is unhealthy and I don't understany why so many seem to have and the mild disdain for those they deem too good looking to possibly need to be on a dating site.... I mean what is good looking to you may not neccessarily be considered "good looking" to the next gal.

To be honest I dont think how the man looks is at the crux of your problem.


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