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They do, however, have a majority in several municipalities.

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3 The Joint Council appears to have become operational in 1998 when it began to receive funding from the Go C.

The leaders of the Council are elected and meet three times a year with the President of Croatia.

Citing the frequency of killings and other attacks against Serbs, the UN review notes that many attacks are by groups “frequently including uniformed Croatian soldiers”.

Often the police are informed of the known identity of the perpetrators, but no arrests are made.

Upon closer examination by the Secretary General of those cases where the Go C reached a final verdict, 41 cases out of 231 (18 percent) involved the prosecution of Serbs for subversive activity, not human rights violations.2 International observers begin to note that the Croatian authorities in charge of administering the rehabilitation programs are clearly favoring Croat beneficiaries.

Audits reveal that government funding for home reconstruction has gone mostly to Croat recipients.According to a report by UNTAES, it held negotiations with the Government of Croatia (GOC) regarding the “implementation” of the “Organization of the Joint Council of Municipalities” on .2 It was reported by UNTAES that “the Joint Council on Municipalities was registered under Croatian law” in August of 1997.The Founding Charter of the Joint Council of Municipalities was signed on 15 July 1997 and witnessed by the head of UNTAES, Jacques Paul Klein.Article 5 of the Erdut Basic Agreement calls for UNTAES to establish and train a new temporary police force, and build professionalism in the existing police force. UNTAES reports that as of August 5 1996, 442 out of 600 civilian police monitors have been deployed in the mission area.The primary task of those deployed is to monitor the Transitional Police Force (established on 1 July 1996), which is expected to reach a strength of 1,300 troops.After one meeting, the President of Croatia reported that was committed to working with the Joint Council of Municipalities in order to “strengthen good inter-ethnic relations” and to build “bridges of cooperation” between Croatian and Serbian communities.

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