Dating houden van love aijou

And this tale is quite standard: there lived a beautiful princess; wonderful Prince on a white horse came to her; they raced off together into amazing overseas country, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Russian women, especially those living in the city, are very fond of their pets.

The well-known English saying "Love me, love my dog" (i.e.

But also due to the fact that unlike others, they may travel not only to something see but also be seen.

Additionally, travel means freedom, and it's not only the freedom of movement.

If your beloved Russian women have a child, never neglect it.

If she does not have children, but there is a pet, you have to love them too. Almost in every corner of the country you will find beautiful landscapes, untouched by civilization, mountains, lakes and rivers.

We can ask the most stupid questions and do not be afraid to look stupid. The exact number of pets in Russia is unknown, but according to some estimates, there are about 35.7 million.

It is estimated that every third family is holding a cat, and on the number of dogs (about 10 million), Russia ranked first in Europe and fifth in the world after the US, Brazil, China and Japan.

Dat is niet altijd even makkelijk, maar het lukt hopelijk aardig.

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