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Well I can't say that that's entirely true: I did get used a lot.

BUT I will say that it was apparent the "bastards" always, always got luckier with the women than I did.

And it's pissing women off everywhere for exposing all these little secrets. Thank you for making me feel good about myself, I just wish I had read your book first before I read all that other garbage out there." (no name given) about what type of man a woman really wants - and why.

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You are on target because of the things you described as a feminized male I was feeling but did know how to move away from it because cultural message is to sympathize with the female.

Oddly when I haven't done this I have been more successful with women. A lot of people will look at the title and be turned off and that's unfortunate for them but I am more powerful (grins) and more comfortable smacking my girls ass in public (grins more)..resisting her..

Are you tired of the women in your life always holding the power? A "down-to-earth, always respectful of women, will always give in to make the woman happy - nice friggin' guy", who had absolutely zero power in my relationships and with women. My name is Dan Hampton (no, I'm not the Dan Hampton of football fame) and I was lucky enough to be chosen to read and review Tigress Luv's book, Women Really Do Love Bastards. Because I wrote Tigress asking her for advice on my own personal 'Nice Guy' dilemma in my marriage.

Are you tired of being a really, really Nice Guy, and constantly being 'punished' for it by being rejected, walked over, or taken for granted? And I'll be the first to admit that being a Nice Guy never got me anywhere…

Thank you, once again." Doug"Women Really Do Love Bastards: The Number one Bastard Trait that Mesmerizes Women" unlocks the secrets on how and why the "Bastards" get the women and the "Non-bastards" don't.

But, more importantly, it tells you exactly how you can be the 'Bastard' that gets the girl, and still be a pretty decent fellow.

Phil, Self - Help books and others who use covert and overt tactics to feminize every red blooded masculine man western society into becoming a sexually "non-threatening" nice guy. Thank you, Jay I just got done reading your book about why women love bastards.

I know that you are 100% accurate on this, I just lost a girl because she lost her attraction to me and I'm certain that it was because of many of the things that I did that you mention in the book.

I knew she was testing me but I didn't know how to respond to it or even what to do about it. But FIRST you have to forget everything you think you know or have read about Nice Guys & Bastards...because everything you've read so far is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Prior to this she had described me as being wonderful and then all of a sudden she started testing is what I referred to as at the time before I read the book. As you'll soon find out the REAL reason why women are hooked on their Bastards...""Thank you, Tigress.

It is without question the best reading i have ever read.


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