Dating etiquette with chinese women

It is said that men were allowed to have more than one wife.

However, if the husband of a young Chinese woman died, she was not allowed to remarry.

Foot Binding It is commonly thought that this practice began in the 9th century during the reign of the Tang dynasty, and it continued all across the country till it was eventually banned in 1911.

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During the years of growing up, a Chinese woman was expected to listen to her father and other male members in the family.

Although this mostly happened in the poorer classes, daughters were often sold, and would most likely end up in brothels.

Women could learn to sew, or weave, and their products were sold to gain extra income for the family.

It was also common for the wives of farmers to help the men out in the field.

Many of the girls were forced to enter the sex trade.

On rare occasions, a few lucky girls could become courtesans due to their talents.

On the third day after her birth, a daughter would be placed under a cot and given a piece of broken pottery to play with, and her birth was announced by giving an offering to her ancestors.

Placing the baby child under the cot denoted that she is weak and she should humble herself before men.

While few women from noble or rich families got the chance to become literate, those from poorer classes had absolutely no chance.


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