Dating and marriage customs in ireland

But be aware that some of the most popular tunes associated with the Emerald Isle are products of Tin Pan Alley.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, for example, was actually written by George Graff, an American of Dutch and German descent.While you may not want to play all Irish melodies, there's most certainly enough available to keep everyone singing and dancing for days!

After the exchange of wedding rings, the coin would be presented to the Bride as a symbol of worldly goods.

There is a contemporary custom where the Bride and Groom exchange coins, and it is said that, if the coins clink as they are exchanged, the couple will be blessed with children.

Well into the 20th century, the busiest time for match-making in Ireland began right after Epiphany - January 6th.

This was because the Irish had misinterpreted a Church ruling set forth in November, 1563 which prohibited weddings during Lent.

What a magical place to begin a romance or married life together! We gave one to our daughter right before her wedding day.

Since then, we have been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter - Caity.The popular reasoning that evolved from this decree was that if you could not marry during Lent, then you had to marry before.Thus, it was taken for granted that Shrovetide was the proper time to marry and Shrove Tuesday - the day before Ash Wednesday - became the most favored day of all.Meanwhile, in Ireland, the monks kept - what came to be known as - Old Time.Luck Money The custom of the Groom presenting his Bride with a coin is said to date back to the time when the Groom paid luck money to the family of the Bride, in order to bring happiness and blessings upon them.There's one quaint custom where the groom was invited to the bride's house right before the wedding and they cooked a goose in his honor.


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