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Lindsey - Writer Lindsey's been a writer and communication coach for Smart Dating Academy since 2011. ) understands the trials and tribulations of Internet dating, but became a true believer since meeting her wonderful husband online. Lindsey is a Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker now living in Toronto, Canada.

Prior to founding the Smart Dating Academy, Bela worked for 12 years as a top global executive for Akzo Nobel, a large multinational corporation.

Bela has a finance degree from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is happily married with 2 children.

When not taking photos AJ owns and curates his own Gallery in the West Loop Arts' District.

Hanna - Stylist Hanna Ashbaugh earned a BA from Columbia College - and is an amazing stylist.

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Her education, communication skills and her passion for style make her a great addition to the Smart Dating Academy team.

She has an uncanny knack for making men and women look their best - which is crucial in dating. She works regularly with non-profit organization Bridge to Success, helping low- income and at risk men and women dress for interview and job success. in Education from Indiana University and Masters of Social Work (MSW) from University of Illinois at Chicago.

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