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"I have a text from [their stylist] Simone [asking,] 'Who's with Kim? '"The eldest sister of the Kardashian clan added that "Kim called me from [the stylist's] phone later screaming at the top of her lungs."Both sisters later said in the episode that it was eerie because they had just been discussing what they'd do if they were ever robbed.Kardashian had told her sister that she'd tell them, "Take whatever you want." And that's exactly what happened.Rashad Jennings showed his prowess on the field is equaled on the dance floor as his cha cha racked up 31 points. T brought a lot of heart to his cha cha to the television theme but only got 20 points. , Kardashian West, 36, said, "Paris meant a lot to me. He ended up being the interpreter" -- since the robbers didn't speak English and she didn't speak French.

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T with Kym Herjavec and Gold Medal Olympic gymnast Simone Biles with Sasha Farber.

Monday night was an opportunity for the cast to introduce themselves and have some fun with strutting their stuff as the competition does not begin in earnest until next Monday.

Normani Kordei kicked off the night with a dazzling quickstep number and scored 27 out of 40.

She was followed by Kerrigan who wowed with a Viennese Waltz and nabbed 28 out of 40.

She was equaled in points by retired Cubs catcher David Ross who surprised everyone with his quickstep. "I knew something wasn't quite right."The mother of two then said she "slid" off the bed to call her stylist because she had no idea how to call the police in another country.

star Erika Jayne turned in a sexy salsa which caused Len Goodman to note that it was, “too raunchy.” In spite of this, she earned a respectable 24 points. With her hotel room door ajar, Kardashian said, "I saw two guys holding another guy down..concierge [was] handcuffed.

Kardashian West said, "I just like don't want to cry in front of the let them think anything's wrong."West agreed, replying: "OK, yeah so we won't talk about it in front of the kids."Kris Jenner In an interview during the episode, Jenner, 61, recalled getting the phone call in which she was told of the robbery."Being woken up in the middle of the night was probably one of the worst nights of my life," she said, adding that she was "frantically upset and in shock.""The thought of losing Kim is emotionally scarring and hard to overcome.

That's it, I can't talk about it anymore," Jenner concluded.

Kanye West West's husband, rapper Kanye West, was actually performing onstage in New York when he learned about the robbery.

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