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Coach Wade and Jerri Manthey soon flipped, eliminating Boston Rob, and leaving “rice and beans” on the outs.

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A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull.

When not writing Martin can usually be found attending Wrestlemania events.

It’s here where she formed a strong friendship with Courtney Yates.

The two women, perceived as the weakest members of the tribe, often found themselves sharing the sit-out bench together, but this just gave them more time to bond and crack jokes.

Being funny buys a ton of wiggle room with people in life and in the game of Survivor. Sandra looks at Survivor like a job; she goes to work.

She also has this amazing ability to wait for the right moment – where another person might be acting on emotion she’s pretty calculated in her confrontations. I think that is incredibly effective because she lets people say and do things without letting it touch her personally and she takes a big pause before reacting to anything. I do hope though that she makes strong connections with loyal people who help her in the game and make her laugh to pass the time. Yates is a contestant from Survivor: China and Survivor: Heroes vs. She is primarily known for her much smaller frame compared to the other female contestants, as well as her quick witted remarks about her opponents, allies, and situation within the game.Courtney Yates grew up in Boston, the only sister with three brothers, two older, one younger, all much bigger.She attended Suffolk University, studying at both the main Boston/Beacon Hill campus and the University's West African campus, located in Dakar, Senegal.She paid her way through college working nights as a passenger service agent for a major airline at Boston's Logan International Airport, spent time as a receptionist at a high-end hair salon, and has even worked as a "historical interpreter" (a tour guide in costume) at historic homes in Salem, Massachusetts.Yates has a large and varied collection of friends with whom she loves going out, eating, drinking and, of course, gossiping, a long-practiced skill she hopes will serve her well on SURVIVOR: CHINA.


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