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This is a kindergarten attached to the Ananda Marga main centre in Accra run by Pamkaj.

This school is from kindergarten to junior high school with 417 children, 17 teachers and a store attached to the school for income generation.

International volunteers are regularly helping and supporting.

Any one up there, a pupil of Wamfie Presby Primary and/or Middle School.(1960 ....64/65), then Ganiyu Lagos, Remember that?

Asante (All Math Instructors) , The Large Man- Agbeyanga, Mr.

Contact me Please contact me through this Medium or send e-mail stating your name and the year you were at any of these places. If there are any associations linked to this school please let me know about it. My contact email is [email protected] are in the process of forming okomfo anokye old student union so all old boys and girls should contact Jafaro on 0245808891.

[email protected] for old students of "TADISCO" Takoradi Secondary School from 1963 thru 1968.The kindergarten has a pleasant room, playground, a very well stocked library and about 30 children benefit from a good education.The Lotus Centre has 15 children living there, some attending college, others keeping a well-regulated, neat and homey living environment.The school is serving the needy children from the area who are not able to pay any tuition.The school in a small town in the countryside of Ghana is run by Dada Shiveshvarananda.This was fun to do, to present and for all to watch.

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