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Which, of course, is unlikely in this often volatile industry.

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(easy Jet has yet to report on its fourth […] The U.

Regular columnist Tom Bacon argues that when it comes to US airline consolidation, there is more to come Tremendous consolidation has occurred in the US airline industry in the past decade.

But there […] With its fourth quarter results and a standout 2016, IAG, the airline group that includes British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling, continues to separate itself from the other two members of Europe’s Big Three airline groups. But the story is rather disappointing from there, with the group posting a mere 4% operating margin for […] Europe certainly has its share of struggling airlines, but Ryanair, easy Jet and Wizz Air are not among them.

And leading the […] Air France/KLM had some good news in 2016. And for Ryanair and Wizz, fourth quarter earnings simply topped off a triumphant 2016. The European market, still fragmented, is becoming more consolidated.

And many are taking advantage of this by growing faster than the market.

They each could continue quite successfully if there are no further shocks…Spirit has announced that much of its future growth will be in smaller markets, more similar to Allegiant’s orientation.Together, these three would represent only 5% of industry revenue based on 2015 results but all are growing faster than the industry.The merger apparently wasn’t the result of detailed analysis of fleet, brand and culture commonality (there was little such commonality! Alaska purchased Virgin in part due to a bidding war against jet Blue which, it feared, would use Virgin’s presence in California to become a major force there, a market Alaska relies on heavily.This merger is clearly premised primarily on schedule geography – combining a Seattle hub with a San Francisco focus to build strength on the West Coast; none of brand, fleet nor culture is ‘common’.A Wall Street Journal analysis of industry and government data shows that while airline service and prices have changed little across the country’s major gateways as a whole, carriers have cut flights and raised fares at many smaller and medium-size airports....

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