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We love partners that can cook – along with being funny, it’s one of the most attractive characteristics in a potential partner.

But it’s maybe still a bit soon to invite your date over – making them a picnic is the perfect compromise, particularly in the summertime.

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I will marry the man of God who doesn’t commit any of the following crimes.

Sending flowers the day of the date is an excellent idea. I don’t mind movie buffs; however, asking me if I am on Team Jacob or Team Edward and then giving me a 6-point thesis as to why I should be on Team Edward will assure you of no second date. A good Christian man should always take the lead and bless the food before dinner.

An ideal opportunity for you both to reconnect with the great outdoors, make the natural beauty of your local Botanical Gardens the setting for an open-air second date.

The key to this idea is its simplicity – Botanical Gardens tend to be pretty big, so you’ll have loads of time to wander around and chat, and you don’t exactly have to be an expert to appreciate how gorgeous everything is!

But please don’t throw out compliments like: “You’re beautiful!

And the cool thing is that my mom used to say, ‘where beauty lacks in one area of the body it will usually make up for it in another area.’ So you are blessed! Speaking of mothers, it’s always a good sign when a son treats his mother well.

Having gotten over the initial nerves and awkwardness of the first date, it’s always handy to have a few good second date ideas up your sleeve to continue on the path to relationship success.

From old favorites to new and novel ways to impress your potential partner, here are our top 9 second date ideas: The crucial difference between wine tasting and meeting for drinks is that the activity of trying different wines can stimulate the conversation – great when you’re still in the early stages of dating. They say that everyone’s a critic, and there’s something fun about experiencing art – both classic and modern – in company.

I have a career in ministry so I find that my dates are usually evangelical men 25-30 years of age.


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