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Launched five years ago as a collaborative effort between CNM in the Mission Division and the Advancement Division (the group responsible for the College’s fundraising efforts), DFLI teaches students the ins and outs of philanthropy and fundraising, also called development.In 12 weeks, accepted students learn about major gifts, annual giving, corporate and foundation relations, development communications, stewardship and special events, and development research.

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Fundraising is a steadily growing field, but very few people who become professional fundraisers actually plan to join the profession. The fact is there are very few academic programs offering the fundraising option, especially for undergraduates.

However, an increasing number of young people are passionate about making a difference in the world.

Janna Stanke ’11 (left) is putting her DFLI education to work as a development associate and database coordinator at Father Bill’s and Mainspring House in Quincy.

“The program was one of the best choices I ever made,” says Stanke.

“The program really gives you a little of everything,” notes Stanke.

“I’m still using what I learned, only I wish I had taken advantage of it sooner, because it offers wonderful connections.

Summer|Fall 2013 In high school, Laura Sidla ’11 (left) cohosted a student art gallery in Rhode Island to give young artists the chance to show their work.

Proceeds from gallery events went to international charities.

“They have a passion for fundraising and making a difference in the world.” Today, Sidla is part of a professional fundraising team at a large international non-governmental organization based in Boston that raises about million a year.

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