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She employs various gay trainers throughout the series. Geismar and Snyder are confidants of series star Janice Dickinson.

During season 2, the heterosexual Rebecca has a brief relationship with Jackie. Mc Carron and Anderson are models who joined in season 3 and are boyfriends. Effeminate gay men are removed from their cozy gay life, and into the hands of a U. Each episode, the gay “recruits” face new training missions designed to bring out the man and prepare them for battle. Her and Kayla returned for Cycle 17, billed as an "all-star" cycle.

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John Cass (Season 1) Andy Silva (Season 1) Gordon Sloan (Season 1) Nathan Morris (Season 2) Sahra Kearney (Season 2) Claire Bellis (Season 3) Jaime Cedra (Season 3) Jamie O'Brien (Season 3) Geneva Loader (Season 5) Rachael Burns (Season 5) Michael Farnsworth (Season 5) David Graham (Season 6) Rob Rigley (Season 6) Lauren Clayton (Season 6) Nick Sady (Season 7) Zach Douglas (Season 7) Renee Black (Season 8) Benjamin Norris (Season 9) Tully Smyth (Season 10) Benjamin "Ben" Zabel (Season 10) Nathan Little (Season 10) Jason Roses (Season 11)John Cass, Nathan Morris, Jamie O'Brien, Claire Bellis, David Graham, Rob Rigley, Zach Douglas, Benjamin Norris, Ben Zabel and Nathan Little are gay.

Andy Silva, Gordon Sloan, Sahra Kearney, Jaime Cedra, Geneva Loader, Rachael Burns, Lauren Clayton, Renee Black and Tully Smyth are bisexual.

In the final episode they face the "real" army in war. In Cycle 20, Banks expanded the scope of the competition to include male models as well, including Cory, who identifies as gay.

Gay “recruits” will be treated to party nights and gay rewards as missions are accomplished. Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek (season 1, 11) Oswald Mendez and Danilo "Danny" Jimenez (season 2, 11) Ken Duphiney (season 3) Aaron Goldschmidt (season 3) Andrew Hyde (season 3) Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip Arndt (season 4) Winners Lynn Warren and Alex Ali (season 7) Patrick Vaughn (season 7) John Lowe and Scott Braginton-Smith (season 9) Lauren Marcoccio (season 10) Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino (season 10) Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson (season 12) Mel and Mike White (season 14, 18) Luke Adams (season 14, 18, 24) La Kisha Hoffman (season 14, 18) Winner Sam and Dan Mc Millen (season 15) Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow (season 16) Jordan Pious (season 16) Winner Ron Zeitz and Bill Smith (season 19) Justin Young (season 19) Brent Ridge (season 21) Josh Kilmer-Purcell (season 21) Winners Jaymes Vaughan (season 21) Joey Graceffa (season 22, 24) Tim Tsao and Te Jay Mc Grath (season 25) Harley Rodriguez and Jonathan Knight (season 26) Bergen Olson and Kurt Jordan Belcher (season 26) James Earl Corley (season 27) Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl (season 28)Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip Arndt were the winners of season 4.

Plummer and Roberts are their neighbors and owners of the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, New York, where the series is set. Other contestants Sonique, Kenya Michaels, Carmen Carrera, and Monica Beverly Hillz are transgender women. While in Mexico on vacation his friend outs him as bisexual to two girls on the beach. Christina, Shelly, Zuly, Rocky, Redd, Blu, Kat, Olivia, Diamond, Kandyce and Deshayla are gay.

Ru Paul Lady Bunny Nina Flowers (season 1) Tammie Brown (season 1) Ongina (seasons 1—2) Shannel Pandora Boxx Jujubee Raven Morgan Mc Michaels Tyra Sanchez (season 2) Bebe Zahara Benet (season 1) Carmen Carrera (season 3) Mariah (season 2) Latrice Royale Chad Michaels Raja Alexis Mateo Delta Work Sharon Needles Willam Ru Paul chooses from among drag queens to decide who will be "the next drag superstar". His bisexuality is acknowledged later in the series by another character Taylor who in an interview makes remarks about his bisexuality. Ronnie had a bromance with straight fellow model Ben Di Chiara. After their respective seasons, Zuly and Rocky dated, as did Jenniffer and Blu.

Todd Herzog is a flight attendant and a Mormon and season 15 winner.

Ami Cusack tried out for The Amazing Race with her girlfriend and producers recommended her to audition for Survivor.

Sam and Dan are brothers who came out to each other about a year before the show. Jordan and his straight brother Dan were the winners of season 16.

Season 18, billed as "Unfinished Business", features the return of four openly LGB Racers from season 14. Josh and Brent are the stars of the series The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Jaymes and his Race partner James Davis are both performers with the Chippendales male dance revue.

She made a second appearance as a "Favorites" in Survivor 16: Micronesia.


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