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For her part, however, Danes is finally at peace with the situation. "I went through it." "We're friendly -- we're friends," she added about her current relationship with Crudup.

Everyone gets the stick.''Even if that wasn't how it worked I would do it. I love these people so much that I've been working with.

He then played movies for the consecutive years Inventing Abbotts in 1997 and Without Limits in 1998. If critics are to be believed, Crudup is more genius as a stage actor than a film star.

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His shirtless pictures are very popular among his fans. The admin of the page uploads pictures and updates his other fans about his latest developments and news.

For a more professional profile of him, you can search his name on Wikipedia and for a mini biography go to IMDB.

He has on his hand the OFCS Award, Screen Actor Guild Award, MTV Movie Award, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, and Independent Spirit Award for his role in Almost Famous. He graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Florida.

Moving on to his personal life, Crudup is a New York born American (July 8, 1968). He was passionate about acting from a very young age.

The famous movies of his includes Jesus’ Son in 1999, Almost Famous and Walking the Dead in 2000, Charlotte Gray in 2001, Big Fish in 2003, Stage Beauty in 2004, Trust the Man in 2005, Mission Impossible III in 2006, Dedication in 2007, Pretty Bird in 2008, Public Enemies and Watchmen in 2009, Eat Pray and Love in 2010, Too Big to Fail in 2011, The Watch in 2012, Blood Ties in 2013, and Rudderless in 2014 among other movies. His plays include Waiting for Godot, Arcadia, The Metal Children, The Elephant Man, Oedipus, The Three Sisters, and America Dreaming.

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