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Chat is used frequently used by customer service when a customer is online and needs help.

It has been designed to solve problems in the online environment and falls short when moved to a mobile environment.

It is what makes messaging the most comfortable communication medium ever invented….

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Now messaging apps can be built into a mobile solution to become part of the in-app (or mobile web or other UI) experience.

There are two important categories of Messaging apps: consumer personal use and enterprise use.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an extension of SMS and supports pictures, audio, and video.

SMS sends messaging over the wireless network's control channel, which is a separate data-only channel used to control the "bearer" channels that carry voice conversations or cellular data.

is also a verb that can be applied to any texting activity but here we are talking about a solution category.

Online or web chat is very different from Texting and Messaging.

Texting, Twitter, chat and IM abbreviations and acronyms represent people's shorthand communications via mobile devices and on the Internet, especially on social media platforms.

Although many seem as if they are misspelled, grammatically incorrect or confusing, texting abbreviation and texting acronyms are commonly used and are meant to expedite communications by shortening them so that the user doesn't have to spell out phrases, expressions or sentences.

Chat is also not used for building and maintaining engagement through an extended conversation.

Example chat vendors are listed in this Mobile Engagement Vendor Landscape blog post.

The use of emoticons is also pervasive in online communications and texting.


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