Asperger syndrome dating websites dating how to analyse

At least some people are consistent on what they lie about, so you learn to never ask them questions in that topic.

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If two people with the same IQ spend differing amounts of time studying, there will eventually be a difference in how much they know about the topic being studied. Otherwise, I have to analyse everything because I need to figure out if it is the truth or not.

Some people seem to be insulted by the idea that this knowledge divergence can occur. If one person spends more time using it than another, they can file away more information. One of my sisters is very honest, but I've grown into the situation where I really don't ask her anything any more.

Even if their IQ as high as ours, or higher, things can still get screwed up. We probably don't (or maybe it is just me, I don't know). Well, going on soccer tournaments quickly brought the truth out, yes I snore.

Consequently I'm always studying something (or so it seems). Like a lot of women, she doesn't like hurting someone's feelings. Anyway, what I had to tell Mom, is that I really did want her to tell me the truth, regardless of what I asked.

She has lost everything she had a couple of times now, and been taken for large amounts of money by people who saw her as someone easily manipulated because of her need for love and acceptance. I really doubt a book is going to help with something like dating. I've bought several books (for normals) over the years, and nothing in them really seems to be anything I can work with.

So much of dating seems to be involved with non-verbal signals.

I once had a pair of glasses which changed tint according to light levels, but I had never got them for that purpose.

I always thought that was deceptive, which goes against the need for honesty that drives me.

While she always tells the truth, she would hardly ever tell you enough, to give you the information you needed to figure out whatever it was you asked the question about.

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