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“Our hope is that each person that’s here will be bold and brave and introduce themselves to someone and find something that they need and find ways in which they can assist others,” said Griesbach.

The speed-dating-esque event let artists sit face to face with administrators and curators to discuss their work and whether it fits with certain institution’s anesthetics and goals.

Backers expect to begin their first full distribution of 10,000 copies on Sept. They plan to pay for the soft launch with a crowdfunding campaign.

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“This is one of the first that I’ve participated in to this degree. Louis is a culturally vibrant community and there’s a lot to offer in terms of the arts,” said Alvarez.

Some felt the event got to the heart of the art scene’s largest issues: how to promote more local art while supporting it financially or strategically. She hoped the event can be a launching pad for the arts organizations to come together and form an arts lobby group to compete with other interests in the city.

The event aimed to increase artists’ understanding of what galleries, venues and museums are looking for in terms of local artwork.

Artists from various neighborhoods and disciplines were also invited to provide 15-minute presentations on their work.

Who is behind these projects to brighten up vacant lots across St. Saturday night protesters used a new tactic to raise awareness about the shooting death of Ferguson resident Michael Brown.

They brought their own music and a chant to the St.

More than 100 people showed up for the event at the Thomas Dunn Learning Center next to Marquette Park in the Dutchtown Neighborhood.

The location was selected because the learning center offers its space for classes and workshops at either low prices or free of charge.

Louis Symphony’s performance with a continuation of the ongoing protests in Ferguson.


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