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Surely she must know her coquetry and cuddling will end in cuckoldry.Simply put, Leah let her irresistible need for affection and a man's attention lead her down a path where she potentially mucked up four lives—hers, his, his she and her he.

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So like a sport, Top Chef, and shows like it, have to balance rewarding talent (for credibility) with the chance of an upset (for suspense). (My bigger problem was not so much that he won but that there were other contestants who deserved to make it into the final more, like Ariane, Jeff and Jamie.) If you ignored it—and, say, crowned Carla after what even she knew was an inferior meal—you’re saying that you may as well never have watched the finale.

Even though we all knew that if she had , she’d have had it in the bag.

Leah and Hosea may stay on—for how much longer no one knows.

In the ensuing days, I’ve seen people argue that the show did not reward the best chef, and that Carla and/or Stefan was robbed.

As a TV show, it has to be the latter—a game that tries to reward the best chefs, but a game with the possibility of upsets nonetheless.

Actually, maybe it’s better to think of Top Chef as a sport.

Yes, he was memorable for little more than arguing with Stefan, hooking up with Leah and (seemingly) not being as hot at cooking seafood as he claimed.

Stefan, on the other hand, dominated challenges from the beginning to (nearly) the end, while Carla, seemingly cannon fodder at the show’s outlet, revealed herself to be not just likeable, but a chef who combined French training with a home cook’s warmth.

Now, like any sport, Top Chef would not be legitimate if the worst team in the league could somehow run away with the title.

That’s what the playoff is for: contestants rewarded for their cumulative performance, in that you have to have survived a season of eliminations to get to the final.

And if there was no editing sleight of hand, it seems clear most if not all the judges believed Hosea’s meal was superior to Stefan’s (even Fabio, Stefan’s Euro-bro, had to agree).


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