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dec 23, 2013 that isn't always the case of course, sometimes the show does .

it was a scripted show and was more like a “ simulation” than a realistic .

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in the us, when our school had special events, me and tony hyung would perform these impersonations of foreign singers.

that's how i got discovered.chj: were you a very cautious person then? very shy, very uncomfortable around strangers.chj: i heard you were supposed to be a h.o.t member, what happened?

i got a shock and i had to borrow a charge card from our manager, and the company card at that.chj: shinhwa members used to go to clubs together.

i heard that only you didn't get recognized.andy: that was during the 5th jib.

if you are already a member then please login otherwise register an account to join our community. i watched her on other variety shows, specifically the one when nine muses was preparing to debut and she watched their practice and told them the cold harsh truth.

The following 1 users say thank you to wendy for this useful post:xxxlazibumxxx. either way, the fact that some viewers take these relationships seriously is weird to me, The official website for mbc sunday sunday night is filled with positive comments about the show, over 30 pages worth the last i the same time, his popularity has soared due to his appearances on variety shows.after appearing in dramas he is also being recognized as a musical actor. although i don't know how my heart will change in the future, but at the moment we're still getting to know each other betterchj: don't you have the intention to date during the process of knowing each other better?i wasn't part of the 4th jib, so when we did the shoot for the 5th jib we just went together.but i was the only one who didn't get recognized, in fact i was even mistaken for the club manager.i always felt that girls who work hard at what they do are the most beautiful.chj: during the times when you were dating, were there any moments when you didn't have enough money? when shinhwa was just starting out i wasn't really familiar with branded labels.

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