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Upon parents outrage and protest, not a single child climbed aboard the bus.

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Glen Wilton lies between the George Washington National Forest and the James River, whose headwaters are about four miles northeast with the most narrow part being approximately a mile south, near the beginning of Wood's Island, CSX Railroad and James River Division, running parallel to the river.

Mountain trails lead southwest to Roaring Run and north to Iron Gate.

Triton Chemical Company admitted to the school board that they were unable to meet the conditions of the deed with respect to total employment by September 1 and expressed a willingness to convey the property back to the school board.

Judge Abbott expressed concern over the restoration of the property and its proximity to the TNT plant.

Due to the devastating explosion at the nearby plant on July 20, 1942, the new school was never built. After much encouragement from the patrons, the school reopened in September 1943 with Ella Smith Peck as the teacher and only accommodated grades one through three for that year.

The bus still transported the upper grades over Price's Bluff Road; the bus route was eventually changed in September 1947. Circle sold land to the Fincastle District School Board for an elementary school for black students, from the late 1890s until 1941.

In 1837, letters sent through the mail were addressed as Clifton Forge, Botetourt County and/or Alleghany County. 33 which went to and from Lynchburg daily, was discontinued October 1957.

With the building of the Buchannan and Clifton Forge Railroad between November 16, 1876 and November 10, 1880 the train station was referenced as Wilton Depot, also for a short time during the 1880s the post office was called Carolina, named after the wife of D. Cook, the President of the Princess Furnace Company. As a result, the area within a mile north and south of what would eventually be named Glen Wilton was originally owned by three families: namely, Reynolds, Circle and Wood. Subsequently, the Glen Wilton combination station was closed and removed October 1962.

By 1890 and as a result of the birth of the mining operation the area was then named Glen Wilton. Archelius Reynolds died in 1863 and John Lewis Circle, Sr. An act approved by the General Assembly of Virginia, March 27, 1876, entitled Buchannan and Clifton Forge Railway Company to incorporate and enabled James River and Kanawha Canal Company to subscribe to the capital stock. The Princess Iron Company operated in Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky Iron ore mining was the chief industry until the furnace closed in 1923, having been forced out of business by the more economical Great Lakes iron ore operations.

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