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In one of the cases in 2009 he was considered dead after a gunshot but recovered somehow and rejoined CID by the next case. He is a soft-hearted person and is greatly affectionate towards his wife.

Abhijeet and tarika first meeting

Tasha Sub-Inspector Vaishnavi Dhanraj 2009–present First appeared in the case “Khoon Ka Raaj.. Was disallowed to join the team because drugs were found in her bag, of which she didn’t had any idea.

Later ACP tested the drugs and found that they were not original.

At first she was not allowed to join because her brother Anuj was accused to be a criminal but later it was proved that he was innocent.

She played roles of criminals before acting as a CID Officer.

Played the role of ‘Inspector Abhimanyu’ in CID Special Bureau.

In the first case after his return in 2010 he was suspected to be the criminal but he proved CID that he was innocent and represented ‘CID Undercover’ (a team of detectives, who keep their identity hidden). Mashru 2006–present He was selected in a contest held by CID Productions named ‘Operation Talash’.

The CID team currently consists of ACP Pradyuman, Senior Inspector Abhijeet, Senior Inspector Daya, Inspector Fredricks, Inspector Sachin, Sub-Inspector Vivek, Sub-Inspector Tasha, Sub-Inspector Kajal and Forensic Doctors Dr. But he cares a lot for his officers and treats them like his own children.

He looses his eyesight from the case of hijacked car & regains it from the case of missing man Abhijeet Senior Inspector Aditya Srivastava 1999 – Present Originally joined the team as an Inspector.

He only believes in other CID members and Forensic doctors because once he lost his memory on being hit with a rod in a 1998 case.


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