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Among the most unnerving charges are indications that Mijangos even spied on women through their webcams, clandestinely watching and videotaping them in their homes.

Using hacker software, he was able to track which keys his victim was tapping on her computer and then send instant messages to her friends with gremlin-like codes that would allow him access to their computers, too. W., noticed that her webcam kept turning on, seemingly by itself.

Pedophiles troll for children and, as the so-called Craigslist killings show, even alleged murderers have turned to the Web to conduct their business.

But in the pantheon of hackerdom sleaze, Mijangos, if guilty, may be something of a rarity: a hacker whose primary motive was sexual exploitation.

if I don’t hear from you then your family will hear from me.”Only the FBI and the Glendale, California, police know whether K. They arrested Luis Mijangos, 31, a Mexican citizen who said he earned $1,000 a week writing computer programs and designing websites.

Paraplegic ever since he was paralyzed at age 18 when he strayed into a gunfight between two rival gangs, Mijangos was charged last week with extorting women for “sexually compromising photographs.” Laura Eimiller, spokesperson at the FBI’s Los Angeles bureau, says that the investigation is continuing into Mijangos’ possible links with other hackers, and additional charges have not been ruled out.If you believe that someone on the Internet is pretending to be a friend, don’t take a chance by opening the email. W., and Guicho’s hundreds of other female victims, the Internet became a place of shame and dread.And don’t ignore the computer’s reminder to update the security software.“The Internet can be a place of mischief,” he warns. Tim Mc Girk has covered Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a bureau chief for Time magazine. Many of “Guicho’s” victims were underage, and Privacy Journal’s Smith suggests that parents should keep the kids’ computer in a well-trafficked place in the home so the adults can keep an eye on what’s on the screen.Also, he cautions, don’t open emails or attachments from unknown sources. Her boyfriend had taken some pictures of her during a bout of raunchy fun and emailed them to her afterward.

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