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Massachusetts College of Art and Design (also known as Mass Art) is a publicly funded college of visual and applied art, founded in 1873.

It is one of the oldest art schools, the only publicly funded free-standing art school in the United States, and was the first art college in the United States to grant an artistic degree.

Mass Art is headquartered at 621 Huntington Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts, and occupies a trapezoidal block of old and new buildings it has acquired over the last two decades.

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Previously, Mass Art had occupied a number of buildings scattered throughout Boston's Fenway-Kenmore and Longwood neighborhoods, with its main campus located on the corner of Brookline and Longwood Avenues.

In the mid-1990s, that building was acquired by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which then gutted and rebuilt the building's interior, but kept the distinctive facade intact.

The pours are still claimed to consume around 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) of iron per year.

The 2D Fine Arts department hosts an annual Master Print Series, where Mass Art invites a visiting artist to work collaboratively with the students and faculty of the printmaking department to produce professional-level editions for the artist.

In 1886 the state built the school's first building at the corner of Exeter and Newbury Streets, and then in 1929 moved the school to its second built campus at Longwood and Brookline Avenues.

In 1983 Mass Art was relocated to the former campus of Boston State College at the corner of Longwood and Huntington Avenues, after the latter school's merger with the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Mass Art offers a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, a Master of Science in Art Education, a Master of Fine Arts, a Master of Architecture (Track I & Track II - First and Post-professional), and in 2007 received Candidacy Status for a Master of Architecture.

Mass Art also offers a number of pre-college (both credit and non-credit) programs for high school students, and continuing education and certificate programs for professional and non-professional artists.

The "Mass Art Iron Corps" hosts an "Iron Pour" event at Mass Art approximately four times a year.

The event is centered around a spectacular pouring of white-hot molten iron into molds for sculpture.

Boston has designated Huntington Avenue as the "Avenue of the Arts", in recognition of the location of Mass Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Symphony Hall, and other educational and cultural institutions along this thoroughfare.

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