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The headset looks like a diving mask, but instead of a clear window there’s an HD screen that projects images directly into your eyeholes.

You connect it to a computer, strap it onto your skull and sink into a computer-generated world created with a sense of scale and proportion.

It tracks your head movements, so when you look up the camera tilts up and you see what’s above you in the game world.

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I almost always turn the 3D effect off on my 3DS because I have a hard time keeping the two separate images in sync.

I expected a similar fuzziness from the Rift, with a headache, vertigo and possibly even nausea as a worst case scenario.

I blasted off into an intergalactic battle that felt like something out of Star Wars, diving and barrel-rolling through space and around massive star cruisers while trying to shoot down enemy ships with guns and targeting missiles.

The Oculus Riftturned this basic scenario, this umpteenth iteration on Wing Commander, into the most thrilling and awe-inspiring moment I’ve ever had at an E3.

Walking and pulling a shoulder trigger to launch the ice ball didn’t break the Rift’s spell, but for some reason having to move that camera with a joystick slightly undermined the experience.

Oculus Rift development kits are already in circulation, and developers are working on many apps outside of gaming.

I didn’t need to worry—it took a little bit of effort to get the headset lined up properly on my face, but after wiggling it into an optimal position I had no problem handling the images within.

After I slid into the headset I found myself exploring a crumbling ruin within a cave on a snow-covered mountain.

Look down and you might see your in-game avatar’s feet.


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