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The upshot of this is that every social messaging app ends up being roughly the same, give or take.

Last week, Slack launched video-call support for up to 15 people, but only from within the desktop app.

This was followed a day later by mobile messaging giant Line, which unveiled group video chat support for up to 200 people, though only four people are visible on screen at any given time.

And just like the flip phone is disappearing, old communication styles are disappearing too.

With Messenger, we offer all the things that made texting so popular, but also so much more.

To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are (not suggested! Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.

If you prefer, you can add your interests, and Omegle will look for someone who's into some of the same things as you instead of someone completely random.

Put simply, SMS isn’t going the way of the dodo quite yet, which is why back in June Facebook allowed Messenger users on Android to set the app as their default SMS app, meaning they could access all their messages from within a single app. To differentiate itself from the competition, an app has to offer something that others don’t, but as soon as it does that, the others follow suit.

Whats App introduced video calls for the first time last month, but without support for group chats.

David Marcus, VP of messaging products, gave some notable insights into the company’s thinking on this back in January [emphasis ours]: SMS and texting came to the fore in the time of flip phones.


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