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  1. Events are held regularly in Bars and Lounges across: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

  2. This is bordering on dangerous."Tucker "The only dangerous amount is none! I danced with them for an hour, giving them seductive looks, coyly flirting with them, seductively telling them how much I cared about them. Raise your hand if you've ever had that happen to you.

  3. D., a San Diego-based sociologist and sexologist.“While it’s great to share your passions, make sure you’re also taking the time to get to know their passions and interests too.” And skip topics they have no interest in: According to a Match survey, about 75 percent of people believe having similar activities and interests is crucial to wanting a second date. Fake it 'til you make it with these 19 tips to boost your confidence.

  4. With all the romancing on set, casting director Mara Casey said, “We did have a joke about casting all of Alexis’ [real-life] boyfriends… And she also dated a young New York actor named Chris Heuisler, who played a guest role.” We can’t wait to see who Rory is dating in the return!

  5. Some Nigerian celebrities have altered their complexion from dark to light (not calling out any names but we know who they are) and a lot of the popular celebs are dating light skinned females like dark skinned girls aren’t people too.

  6. Ming Pao News has reported male students are also being tricked into believing “hot body” Chinese university students they meet on We Chat want to trade sex.

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