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The series has been broadcast in 120 countries worldwide.

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Seitdem fuhren Tom und Semir wieder gemeinsam Streife auf der Autobahn.

In Folge 158 geriet Tom in einen Hinterhalt und wurde erschossen.

The high number of unrealistic scenes is a common criticism of the series; for example, large explosions often happen after small collisions while people emerge unharmed out of cars which have sustained catastrophic damage.

Ihr Revier ist die Autobahn (Their precinct is the autobahn) Ihr Tempo ist mörderisch (They work at break-neck speed) Ihre Gegner: Autoschieber, Mörder und Erpresser (They're up against car thieves, killers, and extortionists) Einsatz rund um die Uhr für die Männer von Cobra 11 (They're on call around the clock: the men of Cobra 11) Unsere Sicherheit ist ihr Job (Our safety is their job).

(Their precinct is the autobahn) Ihre Gegner: extrem schnell und gefährlich.

(Their enemies: Extremely quick and dangerous) Volles Risiko (Extremely risky) für die Männer von Cobra 11.

(for the men of Cobra 11) The series is known for its extremely well performed stuntwork, which features the destruction of various vehicles in every episode.

Almost every episode has a distinct structure, with at least one daring action sequence and the pre-title sequence usually consisting of the main event (i.e. The stuntwork is often so spectacular that it would not look out of place in a full-fledged movie, with cars commonly reaching implausible heights as they vault through the air.

In 1998, Action Concept took over as the sole production company and shifted all filming/production work to its headquarters in Hürth just south of Cologne.

Since then, episodes have been shot in and around Cologne and Düsseldorf as well as on several major Autobahnen (A540/A44 and now mainly on the Filmautobahn Aldenhoven near Düren – The series has also spawned numerous game releases in Germany, primarily for PC, but they have generally met with mixed receptions.

Später waren sie viel mehr als nur Kollegen und auch außerhalb des Berufs beste Freunde.


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