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Imagine her shock on unpacking when she found drugs in her suitcase.

She did transfer in Dubai but I’d hazard an educated guess at where the incident happened.

But local fishermen complained the barges dropped the mud only 800 meters from the shore during the first three days of dredging, and one to two kilometers on Sunday.

They said the mud was dropped in areas where artificial coral reefs were built to attract fish.

It is also home to a ramshackle community of corrugated-steel and leftover wood shanties.

The first month of regular services on the Pattaya to Hua Hin ferry across the Gulf of Thailand has been called a success by officials.

After receiving their complaint, Bannarak Sermthong, director of the 3rd Marine and Coastal Resources Office, on Monday led officials to the area on a fact-finding investigation.

Bannarak said the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources had no knowledge of the project to dredge the water channel.In addition, a new passport office will be opened for business with five staff at Blu Port in December.A look around the area of the current immigration office reveals a great deal of low-level construction, indicating something big is coming to the area.They said that capacity was running at an average of between 50% and 60% for each trip.The two-tier, air-conditioned “high speed” catamaran has a capacity of 346 passengers.But great was the horror, still greater the wrath, of Queen Louise when first she beheld the anchor.


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