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She told IRIN the “strong” military presence in the north, along with men from the south taking jobs in the north’s building boom, were “somewhat regular reasons for an increase in commercial sex”.

In addition, an increased number of Sri Lankan-born Tamils from the diaspora visiting their place of origin since fighting ended four years ago, has also increased demand for commercial sex, Shanthini Vairamuttu, a community worker from the district of Jaffna, told IRIN.

While English press almost ignored the story, at least two local language newspapers prominently published the list of twelve banned sites, so that their readers can double check and be assured they are banned.

It is happening and we require better livelihood support initiatives,”said Shreen Saroor, founder of the Mannar Women’s Development Federation and the Mannar Women for Human Rights and Democracy, which work with conflict-affected women in the north.

The director of the Jaffna-based Centre for Women and Development, Saroja Sivachandran, whose organization conducted a survey from 2010 to date of 1,500 female-headed households in the north (the survey is being finalized), told IRIN there is reason to believe the sex trade is “slowly taking root in a region that boasts of tradition and culture”.

by Amantha Perera | @Amantha P | Thomson Reuters Foundation Friday, 17 March 2017 GMT After decades struggling to find out if they own the land beneath their homes, some Sri Lankans at last have hope By Amantha Perera VAVUNIYA, Sri Lanka, March 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For almost two decades, Sivaraja Sivakumar has lived on a plot of land in the north of Sri Lanka - but he has no idea who owns it.

In May 2016, severe floods hit Sri Lanka, causing spilling of toilet waste in the streets of urban areas, especially in Colombo and Gampaha districts, on the west side of the island, which were particularly affected owing to the overflowing of the Kelani river that goes through these areas.

The north’s patriarchal and highly conservative social structure linked to Hinduism, which is the predominant religion practised in the north among Tamils, has made it difficult for researchers to study sex work there, but health workers and activists working with women say the loss of so many of the region’s traditional breadwinners (men), intense disruption to women’s livelihoods wrought by the conflict, and the slow return to normalcy are key reasons behind their turning to sex work. An estimated 60,000 lives were lost in the war which came to an end in May 2009 with the crushing of LTTE by government forces.

Human Rights Council MIDDAY 22 March 2017 The Human Rights Council in its midday meeting held separate interactive dialogues on the situation of human rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Sri Lanka under its agenda item on technical assistance and capacity building.

But they say they have little choice," said a health worker working in the north’s Mannar District who preferred anonymity.

"We provide the women with condoms and give advice on contraception as protection." “We may not know the level of the problem. I have to provide for my mother, two sisters and my only son,” said 29-year- old Vasugi Ramalingam*, a Kilinochchi resident, widowed since the age of 20.

They also suspected an international conspiracy to tarnish the image of the country, reported, Divaina.

Investigation Department, working on a complaint by the IGP revealed these sites contain pornographic images and video clips of men and women, possibly Sri Lankan.

They are under immense pressure to provide for families in homes where men are either dead or reported missing.


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