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I'm a civil/structural engineer, currently working at the University of Osijek, Faculty of Civil Engineering Osijek, Croatia as a teaching and research assistant, where also attending doctoral studies in the field of bearing structures with a focus on earthquake engineering.

My currently research areas are reinforced concrete and masonry structures in the field of earthquake engineering, while the central goals of my doctoral study are the strengthening techniques for infilled frame structures under static and dynamic earthquake simulations.

The course was taught by Farzad Naeim, Vice President and General Counsel at John A. in Los Angeles, and Farzin Zareian, Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of California-Irvine.

; Havliková, Ivana; Udrea, André; Ugurlu, Tolga; Yelen, Burcu; Stilianopoulou, Lily; Tsonev, Aleksander; Zimmo, Iyad.

I work at the same time as an external associate in the company TRINAS Project Ltd, which specializes in the design, supervision and consulting in construction and architecture. thesis, whose defence I expect at the end of year 2016.

In this way I consolidate my valuable knowledge in science and apply it in the professional work, especially in the structural design. I participate in parallel on a significant research project called "FRAmed-MAsonry Composites for Modelling and Standardization" whose acronym is simply "FRAMA".

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“Project 3 – Evaluation of seismic performance of a template design RC school building before and after strengthening” // Model Validation and Simulation / Abrahamczyk, Lars; Schwarz, Jochen ; Werner, Frank (ed).

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