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Thus ensuring the need for privacy (not discussing your bedroom secrets in public, avoiding recording intimate scenes, etc.) should be the top priority for both partners.

Being respectful and accepting It is important to remain respectful and accepting.

He had requested her to cut down on this practice and keep personal affairs private. This left him frustrated and even confused about continuing with the relationship.

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Make your partner comfortable and give them the required space.

This facilitates warmth in a relationship and brings people close.

Once, a young couple in distress came for marital therapy.

The man felt dissatisfied in the relationship because his wife didn't respond to his seductive and erotic moves.

She didn't guide him when he asked her about how she felt, and remained like a dummy.

The wife, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by shame whenever her husband inquired about how she felt.

alking about sex is essential for couples who wish to have an enriching and mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

Sex therapists have frequently documented the lack or even absence of communication about sex between partners.

Second: there're many responsible partners struggling to establish an open, respecting and comfortable relationship.


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