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Read On Added: | Category: Love Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 207 | Tags: friends love distance time | 30 Comments Tell me - what is it that you want? I stand at the doorway Admiring your beauty Watching you from close Yet still so far away A cascade of water Falls from above Across your voluptuous body Outlining every curve you possess Your wet hair clings to your shapely spine As you turn to show me that ass so fine Cheeks so soft and plump I'd fall to my knees and worship it Water, like raindrops Drip off your hardened nipples Upon...

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Listen to some of our most popular written stories in high quality MP3 audio recording. For the first time in my life, in my messed-up shunted around excuse of a life, I felt as though I’d found someone who came from the same place. On this wintry day Spitting cold mist and icy winds Dressed in this full length coat. Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 285 | Tags: shower masturbation watch voyeur orgasm finger hot | 7 Comments Planning a sexy girl girl party is quite the turn on!

You must be a registered member to listen to these stories. If you are an author and would like to have your audio versions of your stories, please contact us. They’re not important or consequential enough to make a lasting impression. Belt, not threaded, but tied in a knot, What is it, that you want? The unfurled coat, displaying the nakedness of youth Your body glinting from the mellow-yellow sodium lamps The red lingerie, gives warmth, without warming at all... Recently, my cousin said to me, “I wish I could hear what’s going on inside your head for 24 hours.” I looked her right in the eyeballs with the retort… ” One of my favorite pastimes is looking forward to an event, but especially a kinky one.

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