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In my best Gomer voice - "Shaazam" - And I thought I was all iggified and everything.Yeah, us gun control people have been working on the serialized bullets, the gun registration thing that closes the loophole on private unregistered sales of guns, and the data base on mental patients for quite some time.recently updated the chat service to provide more chat room options and better streaming.

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But the technology does exist to code the brass, you would be suprised what has laser printed or engraved bar codes and serial no.

Saw a program the other day where they laser encoded cut diamonds so they could be tracked.

I have not read any of these bills, but unless they contain requirements for the wholesaler and retailer to maintain a registry of purchasers similar to what was required in the 60s and 70s I don't see a problem.

Or if the Feds require a deposit and refund programs on all brass, I would begin to be worried.

But I suspect that it will be much the same as the current rquirements on gun purchases, the retailer will detail his sales and maintain the records of purchasers in store to be available for inspection.

States can not pass a law requiring national data banks for such info.

Mostly though what I have seen mainly pertains to handgun ammunition. California has alreasy passed the bill that specifies that handguns will have marks on their chambers that imprint the casings so they can be traced to a specific gun more easily. The bills mentioned here are about coding of bullets either in manufactured ammo or for reloading.

The really troublesome part of the bill is the registration scheme included and the added cost is just a cherry on top.

Check out the bolts at HD, they have a pricing code on the head of each one.

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