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Actually there is a hot girl from the Philippines at a local store where I shop..... That's something to keep in my mind when surfing these sites with local amateurs posted for all to see....never know "who" you just might see.

If you decide to check it out (link below) do come back here and let the rest of us know what you find!

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A 'trike' is a motorcycle w/ sidecar used in the Philippines as cheap transporation. Regular updates, videos, pic sets, stories, and more featuring hot Thai girls comes to mind. Finding a busty Filipina girl though is sometimes not easy, especially if you want a really nice pair that are not pointing south.

A 'tuk-tuk', on the other hand, is a similar form of transportation used widely throughout Thailand. It's also a bit cheaper than most porn sites as it's just new and getting started. Luckily, here at Filipina Hunter we've got your back....boobs!

FILIPINA AMATEURS and EX-GF PICS Tuk Tuk Patrol and Trike Patrol - sounds pretty familar doesn't it?

Trike Patrol, as our readers already know, is an awesome Filipina porn site we cover here on Filipina Hunter.

I've got to install some new software on my server too so I can offer you some great new things.

Be sure and bookmark me now, if you haven't already, and you won't miss a thing!

It is raunchy, wild, sticky Asian sex at it's finest. Check out the sample clip below: That guy certainly gets into some wild sex doesn't he?

Now the actual 'look' of the Asian Candy Pop site will certainly not win any awards, that's not why we go there.

Apparently she had a ex-bf that liked Filipina girls as well and decided to buy her the silicon upgrade. Don't know what her status is now but you guys can chat with her over on Asians247 and get to know more about her. Check out the latest girl our boys over at Trike Patrol pick up for an afternoon of fun.


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