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I lost connection to Looch and have come to a time when I need to make contact again.

Another reason I have written is to do something I do not normally do, I have a CD of songs that I would like for you to hear.

I met you as you were signing my music director's door.

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And opening her concert in Japan, they played 3 Stevie's songs consecutively.

I played Songs In The Key Of Life endlessley, while my friends at school were playing Aerosmith (this was 25 yrs ago! You have the most powerful voice, a great talent for songwriting (many of your your songs touch my heart.) I love your music so much! Nancy :-)Maurice: The song your looking for must be "Feeding off the love of the land". :) I'm not sure, but I think that a single with "Gotta have you" and "Feeding...." was released 1991 alongside the album "Jungle Fever"...

Warm thoughts Jonathan Dez: Ooh you did it to me...!

Not only are you a musical genius, but your voice is pure GOLD!

I listen to your music every single day and am continually amazed by the beauty that is your voice.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting you while you were visiting Arizona in 1995 when they finally passed the MLK holiday.

You came to my high school (South Mountain) and toured our music department and recording studio.

:) I see now the origins of my trouble over the j.t.t.s.l.o.p-thing. I'm still wondering however about the video and which song is featured...

You accidently wrote LTTSLOP and that's why I just couldn't figure it out in my confusion.. Could it be "Same old story" or maybe "Secret life of plants"?

Then 1976 KEY OF LIFE and realising at 7 that dancing was the greatest of fun songs like ANOTHER STAR, AS and I WISH taught me rythm and songs like LOVE IS IN NEED.., IF IT'S MAGIC, PASTIME PARADISE and BLACKMAN taught me more than words can say.


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