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One such function has the webcam act as a "magic mirror" to allow an online shopper to view a virtual item on themselves.

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Despite the low cost, the resolution offered at present (2015) is rather impressive, with low-end webcams offering resolutions of 320×240, medium webcams offering 640×480 resolution, and high-end webcams offering 1280×720 (aka 720p) or even 1920×1080 (aka 1080p) resolution.

They have also become a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcams can be remotely activated by spyware.

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The most popular use of webcams is the establishment of video links, permitting computers to act as videophones or videoconference stations.

Other popular uses include security surveillance, computer vision, video broadcasting, and for recording social videos.

For example, the position of a single light source can be tracked and used to emulate a mouse pointer, a head-mounted light would enable hands-free computing and would greatly improve computer accessibility.

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