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I'm wondering if I need to combine $hear Dog/$hear Other in a better if/else statement.

$hear Dog = $_POST['hear Dog']; if (empty($hear Dog)) $hear Other = trim($_POST['hear Other']); if (isset($_POST['hear Dog']) && $_POST['hear Dog'] == 'Other' && empty($hear Other)) $message .= "2.

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But when someone does fill it out, and it is sent, the message answer is 'Other' with no details.// set flag to indicate whether mail has been sent $mail Sent = false; if (array_key_exists('dog App', $_POST)) { // mail processing script // remove escape characters from POST array if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) { function stripslashes_deep($value) // validate the input, beginning with name $dog Name = trim($_POST['dog Name']); if (empty($dog Name)) $hear Dog = $_POST['hear Dog']; if (empty($hear Dog)) // initialize variables $to = [email protected]'; $subject = 'Dog Application'; // build the message $message = 'On '.date('l, M j, Y').' at '.date('g:ia').', '."\\r\ \\r\ "; // $message .= "\\r\ \\r\ $name ($email) wrote: \\r\ \\r\ "; $message .= "DOG APPLICATION FORM \\r\ "; $message .= "1.

$mail Sent) { $error['not Sent'] = 'We\\'re sorry, there was a problem sending your mail.

Validating Radio Button Groups By setting the value of the variable, "found_it" equal to the checked button's value, the original button loop script can easily find which button was checked.

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