Japanese dating paying paypal

The only caveat to paying at a conbini is that they may not take credit cards so you will need to pay in cash.

That said, almost all conbinis have an ATM where you can withdraw money from your bank account to pay the bill with.

Japanese dating paying paypal

There are many possibilities as to what might be standing in the way of you being able to make your credit card payment through Pay Pal (without using a Pay Pal account).

In order to help our customers, here’s what we’ve learned from speaking to Pay Pal management.

But, if you’re paying a utility bill, you will need to find the address for the company’s customer service center, go during their office hours, and generally pay in cash since most will not accept credit card payments since Japan is still very much a cash-driven economy.

That said, this may be your only option if you miss a bill and your account goes into arrears.

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If for whatever reason you need to pay a company in person, just bring your bill with you and make sure you have enough cash to cover the bill.

The staff at either the store or service center will process your bill, take your payment, stamp your bill paid, and provide you the stub as evidence of payment.

Paying bills is no one’s favorite thing to do, regardless of where you live.

Still, as far as how you do it, Japan makes it pretty painless.

If you want to pay in person, you can take your bill to your nearest bank branch and they will be happy to assist you with the account transfer.


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