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My scrotum, which had nothing inside it, was divided and rather than being behind my penis, was further forward, half on each side.


But my mother was smart and forward-thinking (she was a hippie, and a bit of an anarchist,which probably helped). "If you make her a girl, then later he grows up and decides that he's a boy, is the surgery reversible? So she told them to leave me alone until I was sure what gender I was.

So my birth certificate said "Gender Unknown", I was given a unisex name and for the first two years of my life I was raised more or less without gender at all.

If, and only if, there is a problem, this is NOT HERMAPHRODISM, which is defined as the presence of both male and female reproductive organs in the same person… In addition, the HERMAPHRODITE, does NOT need a partner for reproduction. The person’s cells are MALE (have an Y chromosome, which defines ‘male’) 2. This means, that the testicles were INSENSITIVE (i.e.

It can reproduce by itself, because it has BOTH types of reproductive organs. What may have happened here is the following: The person was born as a MALE (chromosomes XY), but had what is known as “Androgen insensitivity Syndrome”, also known as “testicular feminization” and got treatment for that.

However there wasn't enough testosterone so I had to take tablets for that.

(many years later it was discovered that oral testosterone is dangerous as it can damage the liver - fortunately I escaped that particular problem).When I finished puberty at about 21 I had further genital surgery, because everything had grown, and I had my first set of testicular implants - over the years those have been replaced a few times as better and safer materials have been found.I still need extra testosterone, which I now have as an injection four times a year.Like a full bodied red wine and a classic (and well cherished) car, everyone knows life really does get better with age.With less drama and less game playing, most mature singles are more comfortable in their own skin and more self assured, attuned to both their mind and body (the good and the bad!I had numerous tests, most of which were still inconclusive.

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