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In addition to setting up dating and matrimonial alliances, the sites also provide an opportunity to network with people all over the globe.

Disabled people can log on the web to get advice and information especially on matters related to sex and relationships.

They can interact with others through discussion forums, message boards and chat rooms as well as gather knowledge on matters related to disabilities through interesting articles on a wide range of subjects.

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Many dating sites have special features that are unique to them. Chatting Rooms, more commonly known as chat rooms, are virtual places where people meet online to talk to each other with text, audio and video.

As a result of this vast variety of information and services on offer, the dating sites have not only educated society but also have also set disabled people free from their inhibitions. Chat rooms have been very popular since the early days of the internet and their popularity has not faded over time.

Self-esteem too takes a beating, as the person feels inadequate compared to earlier.

The truth of the matter is that those who suffer from impairments also enjoy sex and have the same longings to be touched and loved as anyone else.

Disabled people have also faced isolation in the area of formal sex education.

In line with the general view of – they don’t need it, many sex education programmes overlook the disabled youngster.There are so many issues to cope with at this time that their sex lives are often pushed to the background.However, questions ranging from whether sexual activity is possible to how soon and with what adjustments it can resume remain major concerns.The emergence of online dating sites especially for the disabled have indeed made a big difference and set a lot of people free from feelings of frustration.Through these dating sites the disabled single can now connect with others who understand their impairment and initiate new friendships and romantic relationships without fearing rejection.This leaves many experiencing sexual desires but having no idea of how to handle them or who to turn to for help.

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