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Change is necessary But, America has undergone a cultural shift that Hef could never have predicted –--sex doesn’t actually sell, and acceptance and prevalence of both sexual orientation and gender identity has redefined cultural norms.

The economic collapse of the adult entertainment world hasn’t just affected s brand identity, the company seems to understand that disruptive businesses that have emerged in the last five years -- Uber, Air Bn B and Seamless, to name a few - have exploited and successfully filled a void in outdated business weaknesses. It seems that Playboy execs finally realized that even legacy companies need to innovate or become irrelevant.

Calling is useless though as most likely you'll get different answers depending on who you ask, and possibly different answers when you go to pick up your pictures.

I'd get their policy in writing either from the website or maybe the store has one they can give you. Printers and printer paper are far too available now for home use where you can do it at home.

Photography Laws Photography and the law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Photography, the Law and Photographers Rights - Bob Atkins Photography--------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote:"It is illegal to take ,or own photos, of people , either nude or not, unless you have them sign a "model release" that you keep forever on file." I love it.

You can't even make up such stuff that is so ridiculously ill-intepreted.

One of its selling points has been that the magazine was created for literate, cultured men who also happened to enjoy photos of nude ladies.

An under-publicized and notable accomplishment of the magazine is that it has a surprising history of groundbreaking interviews with luminaries such as Miles Davis and Steve Jobs and has featured the work of famed writers including Margaret Atwood, Jack Kerouac and Norman Mailer.

It is illegal to take ,or own photos, of people , either nude or not, unless you have them sign a "model release" that you keep forever on file.

However, public domain makes that a gray area so know the laws first!!

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