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With unemployment in our region at more than 10 percent, these are jobs we can’t afford to lose.The response from the community has been incredible.

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The station was located in an isolated spot, hence no one would know if someone chose to pay or not.

Without the knowledge of the people using the station, Melissa Bateson started tracking how much milk was dispensed each week and the money in the honor box for ten weeks.

Our local leaders, our families, our friends, our neighbors; more than 80,000 concerned citizens want our Senators to understand the economic impact of these jobs and the valuable services we provide students and families every day.

The good work Sallie Mae does to support millions of students and families across the country is also felt right here in Pennsylvania.

So if the unconscious influences conscious activity, what kinds of factors may influence it and how might it manifest itself?

The environment or external factors play a role in influencing cortical activity, and consequently conscious decisions, through circumstances or the way information is presented.

Moreover, office workers were later quizzed about the notice and no one had been aware that the photo was different each week, illustrating that people are powerfully influenced by things that they do not consciously notice.

The influence of the unconscious mind can manifest itself in the form of gut feelings, hunches, or intuitions, which we often act upon.

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The results showed that brain activity began nearly half a second before the will to move.

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