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Ces has forgiven her husband's unfaithful conquests in the past and is trying to keep their marriage from falling apart.However, things go wrong as soon as the new house maid arrives.

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6 June 2015Conjoined twins AJ and TJ are not just brothers, they're also partners in crime.

But when the twins meet Rachel, all hell breaks loose as the two become bitter rivals for her affection.

co-host Vic Sotto after co-starring in Enteng ng Ina Mo, which he only confirmed in 2013.

In September 2015, Sotto confirmed his engagement to Luna.

AJ and Alex's meeting will start a chain of events that lead to the revelation of the three boys' secrets, even Alex's own.

9 January 2016Jerry and Sherwin were sent to an isolated town to teach the children how to read and write.

Former night club dancer Abby married Marcus in the hopes of finding a better life.

But her new husband's extreme attachment to his own mother threatens to their wreck their starting marriage.

In 2009 she played with Dennis Trillo and Jennica Garcia in the romantic-comedy Adik Sa'Yo, and was later cast as the primary antagonist, Sofia Montemayor, in Ikaw Sana.


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