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The university tested students with the Ecological Concept Questionnaire, and students’ understanding of ecological concepts increased 43 percent from a pre-test assessment.When asked about their personal environmental actions before and after the program, 92 percent of the students reported making significant changes in their daily lives.

“All of this stuff could be taught in the classroom, but outdoors, it sticks with them,” says Patrick Norman (“Slider”).

“I mean, I learned about the water cycle in school, but it wasn’t as fun — I wasn’t doing the ‘Water Cycle Boogie.'” In an executive report on TREE programming, the University of Arizona determined Earthkeepers “meshes well with state standards and helped students accomplish many curriculum objectives.” The university evaluated Earthkeepers from September 2004 to May 2005.

“We wanted kids to have amazing experiences,” she says.

“In the city, vacant lots are not enticing places for any of our kids, so being out in nature and having natural woods —one kid said, ‘I got two trees in my yard, I thought that was the woods! The first schooling in the outdoor classroom begins with a song: “All living things on the Earth are connected.” Paulownia and Slider explain, using a few props and balls of clay, how sun, soil, water and air compose the natural world.

“If the kids ask what time it is, just say, ‘It’s time to have fun,’ or ‘It’s time to go on an adventure.'” The program teachers, the “guardians,” introduce themselves — Slider, Paulownia and Loon.

Welcome to Earthkeepers, a part of Teaching Responsible Earth Education’s (TREE) network of programs that turns science class into a camping trip.

Thanks to all who purchased Impact Gifts, made end of year donations, and ordered Dirty Coast NYR tees. Thanks to all who purchased Impact Gifts, made end of year donations, and ordered Dirty Coast NYR tees. Executive Director Heather Szapary explains the unintended benefits T. They’re in the first few minutes of a three-day field trip.

You helped us EXCEED our ,000 goal, which will be matched by a generous friend of T. You helped us EXCEED our ,000 goal, which will be matched by a generous friend of T. The program coordinator introduces herself as Redwood.

Slider and Paulownia lead one group down the park’s boardwalk until the auditorium, school buses and lunch bags are a bit farther away than some would like. Since 1995, TREE has taught more than 12,000 public and private school students, parents and teachers in the New Orleans area.

The group hops off the boardwalk and sits in a wide circle. The curriculum is based on program models provided by the Institute for Earth Education, a Greenville, W.

Charles parishes, and most students lived in high-poverty areas (the rates of students qualifying for free or reduced-cost lunch among the schools ranged from 24 percent to 99 percent). But we wanted to do it in an imaginative, role-playing way that kids get concepts they can hold on to and grow themselves,” she says.


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