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A child who is addicted to the Internet or becoming addicted to it will feel threatened at the very idea of curbing computer time.

A single parent needs to be prepared for an emotional outburst laden with accusatory phrases designed to make the parent feel guilty or inadequate.

As such, legislators have taken notice and have passed laws in some states criminalizing some forms of cyberbullying. "Chat rooms" are virtual places on the internet where people can communicate in real-time.

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One of the greatest dangers to kids online safety include the presence of sexual predators -- who often linger in chat rooms under the disguise of an innocent child or friend, hoping to find some unsuspecting individual to communicate with - and potentially later lure in meeting in some undisclosed location.

It is a good idea for parents and educators to teach kids about the importance of online safety in chat room, and how to avoid potential dangers.

As parents, each must take the issue seriously and agree on common goals.

Discuss the situation together and if necessary, compromise on desired goals so that when you approach your child, you will be coming from the same page.

When I observe them talking to one another in the hallway, I see young girls who are socially aggressive or inappropriate, and I can’t help but think that the Internet is socializing them in ways that emotionally stunts them and makes it difficult for them to deal with others in the real world.

In a two-parent household, it is critical that both parents present a united front.

As one principal explained: The internet is hurting their ability to work in groups.

Our teachers struggle to get them to participate in any kind of team assignments; instead they would all rather stare at the computer.

Like addiction to drugs and alcohol, the Internet offers children and adolescents a way to escape painful feelings or troubling situations.

They sacrifice needed hours of sleep to spend time online and withdraw from family and friends to escape into a comfortable online world that they have created and shaped.

You need to reassure your child that you are not condemning him or her.


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