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I was also able to continue my work as an online course teacher during treatment. My brothers and I have decided to convert our grandparent’s farm to organic crops.

I am excited about this change, as it is good for the environment and for us. I thank God for each day I have and hope that my story can be an encouragement to someone else facing cancer.

The gastroenterologist told me that he’d found a polyp but didn’t remove it.

He told me that removing the polyp would have been painful, and instead he referred me to a general surgeon. When the surgeon called, he said “you have anal squamous carcinoma”. I decided to research my options, get educated and seek care somewhere else.

At CTCA, the atmosphere was completely different than any other hospital I’d been to. I was given a choice: I could have more surgery, or I could start on chemotherapy and radiation right away. If that procedure could remove the cancer, then I wanted to avoid chemotherapy and radiation. The chemo was delivered through an intravenous drip over 96 hours during week one and week four of radiation. I remained at CTCA for 5 and 1/2 weeks during this time, coming home only for Labor Day weekend. I experienced a lot of nausea, and it took four or five tries to find something that helped alleviate that discomfort.

That decision was made on a Thursday late afternoon. I was glad that I had a care team willing to keep trying until we found something to help.

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My faith and the support I had from my family and friends, especially my husband, helped me get through this time. I still ask my doctors about the treatment plan if the cancer returns.

The connections that I made during the weeks I stayed at CTCA were also invaluable. But I learned to trust my care team, to put my faith in their expertise, and at the same time to listen to my own instincts.

CTCA was proactive by suggesting remedies to counter the known side effects of the treatment.


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