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A series of exclusive experiences designed to accommodate our most discerning guests, our Medallion Collection tours are each carefully chosen to provide an in-depth perspective.

They offer unparalleled access to events and sights not normally readily available. Our Encore Collection, designed especially for repeat guests, lets you discover what lies beyond the well-known attractions you've already seen.

Vehicle size and luggage space may limit the number of guests in the vehicle.

Journeys Ashore™ (Shore Excursions) may be pre-booked and prepaid online up to three days in advance of sailing or Alaska Land Sea Journey departure.

Why book Group Journeys Ashore™ (Shore Excursions) with Holland America Line? A private car, complete with driver and guide, so you can explore near or far?

A chance to encounter wildlife or view natural wonders up close?

You can register by clicking the please register now link on the login screen. Holland America Line's knowledgeable and creative Group Journeys Ashore™ (Shore Excursions) Specialists have a worldwide network of innovative, award-winning tour operators at their fingertips to develop a program to meet your needs.

Whether your group wants an off-the-beaten-path eco-tour, a culinary delight, or a more traditional sightseeing tour, we can create and deliver the perfect experience for groups of 30 or more on the same excursion.Our carefully crafted Journeys Ashore™ (Shore Excursions) help you connect deeply with the people and places you’ll visit and offer a level of comfort, care and convenience you won’t find anywhere else.To find excursions for your itinerary, please select a destination and port above.First-class style, smaller groups, multi-day Overland Adventures — elite activities for a privileged few. Barbecue with Argentine gauchos, bike the tree lined boulevards of Barcelona, ride an Icelandic pony across a windswept beach near Reykjavik.These tours showcase hidden gems, unusual angles and inside stories that will bring you back timeand again.Assist in scientific research, bring much-needed supplies to an orphanage, participate in a fair trade program or cultural exchange, replant native forest or restore fragile habitat-your footprint will be light and your soul enriched.

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