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On March 3, 2012, AOL got rid of all the developing staff for AIM, effectively ending development of the application after 15 years.

However the service is still active and help support is still provided.

It kind of becomes your own personal "cloud messenger" app that stays persistent.

Because you can disconnect and reconnect whenever you want, it might even save your mobile device battery, assuming you don't hold long chat sessions.

AIM (previously AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger) is an instant messaging and presence computer program which uses the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to allow registered users to communicate in real time.

AIM was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s in North America, and was the leading instant messaging application in that region.

AIM's popularity declined steeply at the end of the decade, and its fall has often been compared with other once-popular internet services such as My Space.

This does not include other instant messaging software related to or developed by AOL, such as ICQ and i Chat.If you're familiar with Linux commands, and with Debian-based distros, you can update the app cache and install finch, which is the command line terminal version of Pidgin, and access the chats from your Android device.Py Boticide for Windows, Linux and Mac: This is an AIM chat filter which runs through Python.The AIM mascot was designed by Jo Roan Lazaro and was implemented in the first release in 1997.This was a yellow stickman-like figure, often called the 'Running Man'.This will leave finch running in background through screen, and it will be detached and ready to be accessed from a remote SSH session.

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