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Three weeks before their paddock was open to the public, Simon Masrani visited the paddock.

This Indominus might have been responsible for opening one of the Gyropsphere Valley's fences to the Restricted Area of Isla Nublar.

She then found brothers, Zach and Gray Mitchell, who were observing four Ankylosaurus in the island's Restricted Area after traveling through the opened gate and attacked the two.

However, her pursuit of the humans ended when she saw the JW001 piloted by Masrani outfitted with a heavy machine gun in pursuit of her.

She led her pursuer to the Jurassic World Aviary where she smashed through the enclosure's walls and scared the pterosaurs inside out of the aviary to the open hole she created.

That same day, the Indominus later managed to avoid her temperature being picked up by the thermal cameras thanks to the frog DNA in her species and left claw marks on the walls to make them think she was able to climb over the enclosure's wall.

When Owen Grady, paddock supervisor Nick and worker Ellis came in to investigate the damaged paddock, the hybrid ambushed them as soon as they got word that she was still in the paddock, making a quick meal out of Ellis in the process.

Their base skin color was a grayish white with eyes whose sclera were red-orange.

The teeth of Indominus was tyrannosaurid which must have came from its base genome T. Due to this bit of instability, its teeth varied in size, often jutting out at unnatural angles and many were broken. when none of the theropods, including Giganotosaurus, used in its creation could reach this length.

Mostly, they are portrait as submissive and obedient servants.

Their lesbian escapades suggest their lust is fed my sensual desire.

The cause of this surpassed length in the hybrid is unknown.

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